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I am so excited to introduce a project that I have been hard at work on for some time now. Video will now be offered in addition to photography sessions! This Father’s Day I made my husband a precious video compilation of our children from the birth of our first child to the first steps of our second and the beautiful foster baby we parented in between. It was made of mostly Instagram posts and home clips, but we both cried when we watched it together. Those are scenes that bring back a flood of memories and emotion. I thought to myself right then and there… I want to offer this feeling to my clients!  So here it is, my first ever photo/video session and I’m so proud and excited and thrilled to be offering them to you along side your still images. Enough talk, click here and just watch! Check out the images we capture as well…



It was so refreshing to be a part of this family’s morning. Big sister bounced around from here to there, happily loving on her sister in between play. This little farmhouse was full of light and warmth and I felt inspired from the second I stepped inside. There is just so much to love about this cozy At Home newborn session.


These are my babies. 3 and 3 months. Running around the studio with them this morning, the sound of their giggles, the sweet way they stared at each other and the gentle touches between them made my heart just about burst. Let’s be honest, some days their constant companionship can just flat wear me out. But today, every little moment was pure joy. As I type this I have the little one in my lap and I’m listening to sweet laughter on the monitor as my husband puts the big one to bed. Today they were my models for something new to my business. I am so excited and happy to introduce Studio White Mini Sessions. Images like these speak to me. They are timeless, pure and honest and focus on relationship, detail and personality. This little bed has a lot of potential and I’m thrilled to be offering these sweet and simple sessions to my clients!

Thea had a cold the day of our session but I would have never guessed it! She was the most delightful and happy little girl! I absolutely adored this session and have so many favorites to share.